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Common Inquiries


Drop off and Pick up times 

Daycare:   Monday - Friday  7am - 10:30 am   & 1:30 - 3pm                                                   Saturday 8am - 11am & 2pm - 3pm

   Boarding:  Monday - Friday  7am - 10:30 am & 1:30pm - 3:30pm              Saturday  and  Sunday  8am - 11:30am   & 2pm - 4pm

Are there health benefits of Dogie Day Camp?

Yes!!! Besides being super fun and meeting new friends, regularly attending an interactive doggie day camp can support your dog's health and overall well being . Your pup can improve on their social skills, it can help with separation anxiety, and boost their confidence level.  Most dogs become a  better companion for you and your family. This is all just by playing with their new/old dog and human friends!

What happens if my dog has a medical emergency?

While nobody like emergencies, they are inevitable at any place where there are dogs playing with other dogs. In the event your dogs gets injured, our staff members are able to administer first aid, asses the injury and notify you of the incident, we first try your chosen Vet, however if we need to see a vet and yours can't fit us in, we will use the best we have on call to assist.

What will your dog be doing all day?

We're glad you asked! Your dog will get plenty of time to socialize with a group of dogs while under the watchful eye of our Attendants who will guide and teach the pups proper play as well as structured down time if  they are here longer than 4 hours.

How do you determine what play group my dog will be in?

First we do a meet and greet with your dog to determine their personality. Once that is established we pair them with other dogs who they will match with. If they need time to adapt to the daycare we can accommodate that as well.

Can my dog attend if he/she is fearful/aggressive/reactive?

In most cases, yes. That is why we require all dogs to be evaluated. We have the experience and knowledge on how to ease your dog into safe playtime.  It is our mission to help socialize as many dogs as possible. We may require enrollment in our one-on-one basic skill sessions during the day-camp visit.

What is the vaccination protocol?

Dogs should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of diseases. All our guests must be vaccinated against parvovirus, rabies, distemper, and Bordetella.  Canine Influenza is a preferred vaccine. Proof of all vaccine records must be sent to us via email for your pup's Paw Partner profile.


All guested must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED by 12 months old.

What's the dog-to-staff ratio?

Taking care of several dogs is not easy. So, unlike some of there camps where the ratio is 25-30:1. Our average ration has been 15:1. We always have 2 staff members on duty from 7am to 7pm, and add more as the guest increase.  We also have management that live on site.  This is 24 hour 7 days a week availble care.

How are the dogs grouped?

Not all dogs get along with each other. To ensure the safety of your dog, the manager assigns the group based on factors such as size, age and even temperament of personality.

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