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Our Services


Lots of play time & exercise

M-F 7am-6pm

Sat 8am-5pm

Sun Daycare closed

Extended hours upon request

Half Day - $25

Full Day - $35

Extended Hours - $45

Daycare packages available!

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Plenty of Love and Attention

Includes daycare activities during stay

Under 99 lbs - $50 a single night

Over 100 lbs - $75 a single night



A Stress-Free Experience

Basic Bath & Blow starting at $35

Our Services:

  • Basic Oatmeal and honey shampoo bath

  • Chi-shampoo bath 

  • Bath and blow dry (your choice of shampoo)

  • 30-minute brush out

  • 45 minute de shedding brushes out

  • Deep conditioning 

  • Massage spa treatment

  • Nail Grind (Dremel)

  • Nail trim 

  • Sanitary cuts (face, feet, and rear)

  • Cologne spray

  • Teeth brushing

Basic Spa.jpg
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