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Dog Day Camp

We start the day by giving them their own solo sniff time to be able to adjust to you leaving them then slowly meet new friends with a smaller play group.  They will be playing with a group of playmates with similar temperament, or play style needs.  Your pup with their friends will be rotated through a variety of play areas, and different play mates so they can enjoy a change in scenery with new sights and smells for each area.

We are mostly outdoors so your dog may smell a little more like a Dog than usual.   The important thing is if your dog comes home tired, smelly, and dirty, it means they had an A-OK-O Day and Visit!  We try to make sure they are not Muddy or too much of a mess when they leave to go home, just remember if they are dirty, then they made sure they spent every minute of their play time, playing hard with their friends! 

We always provide fresh water in stainless steel buckets, but they may need to drink more water than the usually do when they arrive home after all the excitement, especially if they are not used to an interactive dog daycare.  Our Buckets are changed out every day at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm as well as refreshed several times during the day, so they stay clean and full.

Sore paws or small abrasions are normal for a few days if your pup(s) are accustomed to mostly carpet, grass, or smooth surfaces during their daily life. We have a variety of surfaces at daycare including concrete, river pebble and tile to name a few.   They will toughen over time, and then as long as you continue a regular cycle of Daycare it will not be a problem after a few visits.

 It is also not unusual for your dog to be limping or favoring one side for a few days after their first few new visits at our DAYCAMP- Like us if we exercise more than normal our muscles are sore, it is the same for them.

Why Day Camp?


Many pet owners work all day and need to leave their dogs at home alone. It's not unusual for these owners to return home to fine hyperactive or stressed-out dogs. Dogs often get bored and even depressed when they are home alone all day. Those with separation anxiety may cause destruction, harm themselves, and bother neighbors with barking and howling. This can often be prevented by giving your dog the exercise and mental stimulation they need to be happy and healthy. That's where doggie day camp can be a real life saver!


AOKO-K9 Connections Day Camp does wonders for your dogs' psychological well-being, and  helps improve issues like separation anxiety, lease aggression, and excessive chewing. Throughout the day your pup will express their natural pack instinct while playing with friends that have their same temperament or personality.


Break Time


We encourage your dog to take a break from all the excitement of our outdoor playtime! We have several benches, tables, playhouses, or elevated beds in each play yard where they can relax and observe until ready to play again. If  weather makes our day be inside more than outside your pup will still have toys, and interactive play in smaller groups inside.  AOKO-K9 Connections Day Camp provides a 90 minute decompression break for our dogs to relax and enjoy their own personal space. This helps keep them happy and not over stimulated for the second half of the day.


Addison B

Ollie loves daycare! The staff cares about him and goes above and beyond. They are so friendly and ollie always has a blast. He gets so excited when he realizes we’re going to daycare! Thanks for making my life easier and entertaining my ball of energy. They also make sure hes clean if he gets dirty at daycare - huge plus!! They also gave me this adorable picture of Ollie for valentine’s day!

Untitled design-12.png

Hayden Y

My dogs absolutely LOVE going to daycare here. They have also boarded frequently and the staff take phenomenal care of them. The staff is very attentive, providing updates while my pups are boarding. They noticed when one of mine started to show anxiety after boarding for a few days and reached out to me to ask if calming chews were ok. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and how they take care of my dogs! Highly recommend!


Marsha S

Fantastic group of humans who sincerely care about the well being of dogs. Supervised & interactive play in large outdoor areas, and several indoor areas. I know my dog is safe and loved while at daycare. Reasonable rates. I can't say enough good things about them!

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