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What To Expect

  • Your pup's first day will be fun and exciting, but just like every new experience, it can take some getting used to. We start the day by giving them their own solo sniff time to be able to adjust to you leaving. We then slowly meet new friends with a smaller play group. They will be playing with a group of playmates with similar temperament or play style needs. Your pup and their friends will be rotated through a variety of play areas, and different play Friends so they can enjoy a change in scenery with new sights and smells for each area. We take their favorite play toy to their new area so they continue to enjoy some of their favorite things. After spending the day in our dog day camp, your pup will be ready for a good night's rest, cuddled up beside you or in their bed. 

  • Interactive pet day camp is designed to be exciting both physically and psychologically for the dogs. DON'T BE ALARMED if your dog comes home and sleeps for hours on end. They are worn out from our Day Camp Attendants doing their job and giving them a great day of play!

  • By the end of a fun day at dog day camp of after an overnight visit your dog may smell a little more like a dog than usual. The important thing is if your dog comes home tired, smelly and dirty, it means they had an A-OK-O Day and Visit. We try to make sure they are not muddy or too much of a mess, but if they are dirty, then they made sure they spent every minute of their play time, playing hard with their pals!

  • If you have any questions, just ask us! We always welcome parents to text during the day and check up on their pup, we do randomly update pictures on our Paw Partner Dashboard and our Facebook Page.

  • We require a meet and greet evaluation visit before participating in any type of stay. You can contact us via email, text, or phone call to set up this interactive social and health assessment. These meet and greets are to ensure your dog(s) are safe and healthy and have some basic skills of being able to mingle with our other guests, this is also a requirement for all dogs of any size, age, or type of visit you are requesting from us. 

  • The bonus of using AOKO for your overnight and extended boarding stays are that we Managers live on site .  This means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week  (at minimum) of  2 people are always on site to help take care of your pup. 

Our Services

We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of services to make things easier on you and your furry family. Take a look below to see what we offer and contact us with any questions.


Lots of Play Time and Exercise


Plenty of Love and Attention

Basic Grooming

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